Volunteer or student?

Do you want to work with children? Get dirty hands in our vegetable gardens? Learn more about the Bolivian culture or learn Spanish, while you are doing something useful  as a volunteerOr are you looking for a position as an internship as a student in Bolivia for a subject that has something to do with gardening, nutrition and food security, environmental education or anything else which may be an addition to NME Mundial? Then you’ve come to the right place!

It is a big advantage that the Dutch coordinator Arnold Brouwer is present in Bolivia, so it is easy to coordinate an internship or voluntary position

In Bolivia

In Cochabamba we run several projects in primary schools, children’s homes and other places where you can assist us. As a volunteer you can help especially with the practical part in the school gardens,  demonstrating to the children what to do and to work in the garden yourself. We do not offer a 40-hour workweek and therefore it is important that you also take the initiative in what else you would like to do. You may take  the opportunity to initiate a minor project like preparing a specific lesson or sorting out a particular problem that we are dealing with in our gardens.

As a volunteer you need nothing more than motivation and the willingness to take the  initiative. Knowledge about gardening can be useful, but it is not necessary. If you come to Bolivia as a student, it depends on your field of study, as to how you can best contribute. It is definitely an advantage if you already speak a bit of Spanish when you arrive in Bolivia, but if you do not know the language, you can get good and relatively cheap Spanish classes in Cochabamba.

Thinking Beyond Borders

Recently, Alerta Verde has set up a week-long programme to teach 13 volunteers from the international organisation Thinking Beyond Borders the principles of creating a square meter vegetable garden. With the financial and physical help of these volunteers, 17 vegetable gardens have been laid out in people’s homes in the poorest parts of Cochabamba.

In the Netherlands

If you want to do an internship or write a graduation thesis, you can do that in the Netherlands as well, depending on what kind of assignment or research you are doing. As a volunteer you could visit schools to explain the projects of NME Mundial in Bolivia, or help with on information markets or meetings where NME Mundial is present. The raising of funds and giving publicity to the NME Mundial projects is also very important. 

For more information about an internship or voluntary work:

Our highly valued volunteers and interns in 2022/2023

Youri Ton wrote an internship report on his experiences.

Our highly valued volunteers and interns in 2016-2018

Volunteer from the USA via the organisation FSD, 2017

Intern from Haagsche Hogeschool, 2016-2017

Intern from Haagsche Hogeschool, 2016-2017

B.A. in International Studies with emphasis on Latin America, Leiden

Volunteer from Spain, 2018

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